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Political Upset in Maldives: Indian-Supported Opposition Wins Mayoral Election in Male

Malé, Maldives: The opposition party, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), backed by India, has secured a significant victory in the mayoral elections in the capital city, Malé.

Maldives President Mohammed Muijzju has faced a surprising blow in his own country. In the mayoral elections in Malé, the opposition party supported by India, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), has emerged victorious. The people of Maldives have chosen MDP candidate Adam Azim as the new mayor of Malé, delivering a setback to President Muijzju.

Maldives President Faces Setback as Indian-Backed Party Triumphs in Mayoral Polls

It’s worth mentioning that President Muijzju held this position until recently. However, after being elected as the president last year, Muijzju resigned from the post. It should be noted that former Maldives President Mohamed Solih, who is pro-India, currently leads the MDP. Solih faced defeat against China-backed leader Muijzju in the general elections.

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Indian-Backed Party Triumphs in Elections

Recently, elections were held for the mayor’s post in the capital city of Maldives, Malé. In this election, Azim defeated Aishath Shakoor of the rival party ‘People’s National Congress’ (PNC), led by Muijzju. Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced criticism on social media, leading to tension in the diplomatic relations between India and the island nation.

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Meanwhile, Indian citizens initiated a significant boycott of Maldives at a large scale, reflecting a clear impact. After returning from a five-day official visit to China, President Muijzju’s stance changed, and he targeted India without explicitly naming it.

“We have small islands in this ocean, but we possess a vast exclusive economic zone of 900,000 square kilometers. The Indian Ocean does not belong to any specific country. We are not subordinate to anyone. Our country may be small, but that doesn’t grant anyone a license to threaten us,” Muijzju stated while addressing journalists in the capital, Malé.

Three Maldivian Ministers Trolled Prime Minister Modi

It’s important to note that this statement from Muijzju comes amid a political controversy between India and Maldives, sparked by three Maldivian ministers making derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media. Following this, there has been a strain in the relationship between India and Maldives. India summoned the Maldivian ambassador to register its protest.

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