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Rashi Bagga: Shattering Records with an Rs 85 Lakh Job Offer at IIIT-NR

Rashi Bagga, a BTech student at the International Institute of Information Technology Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR), has made history at her institute by securing a remarkable job offer of Rs 85 lakh per annum. This achievement marks the highest-ever salary package awarded to a student at IIIT-NR in 2023.

Rashi Bagga: A Trailblazer at IIIT-NR

Rashi’s journey to this remarkable accomplishment wasn’t without dedication and hard work. She already had a promising job offer from another company but decided to explore more opportunities in the job market. Her persistence paid off when she succeeded in securing this record-breaking offer earlier this year.

Before this remarkable feat, Rashi had gained valuable experience as an SDE Intern at Intuit in Bengaluru and as a Software Developer Intern at Amazon. Since July 2023, she has been contributing her skills and expertise as a Product Security Engineer at Atlassian.

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The Journey to an Rs 85 Lakh Package

IIIT-NR has seen several success stories in the past. Chinky Karda, a fellow student, held the previous record with a job offer of Rs 57 lakh per annum from the same company last year. Yogesh Kumar secured a respectable package of Rs 56 lakh per annum for a software development role with a multinational company.

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IIIT-NR’s Legacy of Success Stories

In 2020, Ravi Kushashwa, another IIIT-NR student, was offered an astonishing Rs 1 crore per annum deal by a large multinational company. Unfortunately, he couldn’t accept it due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Setting New Benchmarks in Campus Placements

With Rashi Bagga’s remarkable placement, IIIT-NR continues its streak of achieving a 100 percent placement rate for the fifth consecutive year. This outstanding achievement has also led to a revision of this year’s batch’s average Cost To Company (CTC) to Rs 16.5 lakh per annum, with a median CTC of Rs 13.6 lakh per annum.

For more updates and insightful blogs, visit Rashi Bagga’s incredible journey serves as an inspiration to students everywhere, demonstrating that dedication and persistence can lead to exceptional success in the job market.

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