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Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj Biography, Wiki, Ram Katha, Net Worth, Family, Birthplace & More

Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj: A beacon of spirituality and selfless service. His life’s journey is an inspiring testament to devotion, compassion, and uplifting the less fortunate. Explore the profound impact of his teachings and his unwavering commitment to spreading joy and benevolence in the world.

Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj Biography

Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj was born on August 13, 1970, in the village of Kallol in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, India. He was born into a devout Vaishnava family to mother Soni Devi and father Lal Das Ji.

Early Life & Career

During his childhood, Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj came into the spiritual presence of the revered Vaishnava saint, Shri Jamanadas Ji Maharaj. He received his primary education in Kallol and pursued his undergraduate studies in Jodhpur, where he currently resides.

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Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj Wikipedia photos
Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj Photo

Sant Shri Murlidhar Maharaj’s Ram Katha

Murlidhar Maharaj Ji is known for his devotional singing of Lord Rama’s stories (Shri Ramkatha), the Bhagavata Katha,Bhajan and the traditional folk song “Nanibai Ro Mayro.” Besides singing, he is a devout devotee of Lord Hanuman Ji and has inspired and moved people through his spiritual discourses and melodious devotional singing.

Social Works & Keshav Priya Gaushala

Apart from his contributions to music and religious discourse, Muralidhar Ji was deeply involved in various social service activities. He provided essential support to the underprivileged, including providing them with basic necessities and educating underprivileged children. For the purpose of cow service, he has constructed “Keshav Priya Gaushala” for cows.

Presently, he lives in Jodhpur, dedicating his life to selfless service and spiritual activities. Murlidhar Ji Maharaj is revered by countless followers and has made it his life’s mission to instill devotion in people’s hearts and lead them towards a life of virtue and spirituality. His teachings have touched the lives of many and continue to bring joy and purity to the world.

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Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj ki Katha
Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj

Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj Wikipedia, Family, Birthplace & More

Full NameSant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj
Date of Birth13 August 1970
Place of BirthKallol Village, Mehsana District, Gujarat, India
FamilyMother: Soni Devi
Father: Lal Das Ji
Spiritual Influence (Guru)Shri Jamanadas Ji Maharaj
EducationPrimary: Kallol Village
Undergraduate: Jodhpur
Spiritual FocusDevotional singing of Lord Rama’s stories,Bhagavata, and “Nanibai Ro Mayro”
DevotionDedicated devotee of Lord Hanuman & Shri Ram
Social Service ActivitiesSupport for the underprivileged, providing necessities, educating underprivileged children, Gaushala
Current ResidenceJodhpur, India
Life MissionInstilling devotion, virtue, and spirituality

Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj is a highly revered spiritual leader and social servant, known for his dedication to music, devotional singing, and selfless service. He continues to inspire and touch the lives of countless followers around the world.

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Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj Social Media Handles

You can watch their Live Shri Ram Katha, Bhagwat katha & Bhajan on these Social Media Accounts. Often his live Ram Katha is telecast on Sanskar TV channel. But you can also listen to his Katha live on YouTube.

Social Media Links
YouTubeClick Here
Facebook MurlidharMaharajJi
Instagram MurlidharJiMaharaj
Twitter Click Here

Conclusion: Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj’s life is a testament to devotion and selfless service. His spiritual influence and social contributions have left an indelible mark, bringing joy and virtue to the lives of many.

FAQ’s Related Sant Shri Murlidhar Maharaj Ji :

  1. Who is Sant Murlidhar Maharaj ji?

    Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Mahraj is known as Katha Vachak. He sing Katha of Shri Ram (Ram Charit Manas), Hanuman Ji Katha, Shrimad Bhagwat katha, Nani Bai Ro Mayro and other devotional stories and Bhajans.

  2. Where was Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj born?

    He was born in the village of Kallol, Mehsana district, Gujarat, India.

  3. What is his educational background?

    He received primary education in Kallol and pursued undergraduate studies in Jodhpur.

  4. What is the primary focus of his spiritual teachings?

    His teachings revolve around devotion, Shri Ram Katha , Lord Hanuman Ji and devotional Song singing.

  5. Where does Sant Shri Murlidhar Ji Maharaj currently reside?

    He presently resides in Jodhpur, dedicating his life to selfless service and spiritual activities.

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