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North East Express Derailment Shakes Bihar: 3 Carriages Overturned at Raghunathpur Junction

In Bihar, the North East Express has derailed, with three carriages going off the tracks at Raghunathpur Junction on the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Patna Railway Line. As per the available reports, three carriages of the train have overturned. There is no information yet about casualties.

North East Express Train Accident in Bihar

North East Express Train Accident in Bihar : A significant incident is being reported from Buxar in Bihar. The North East Express, en route from Delhi to Kamakhya, has met with an accident. According to the information received, three carriages of the train have overturned. The incident occurred near the Raghunathpur Railway Station. The district administration and the police team have been dispatched to the scene. It is reported that this train was going from Delhi to Patna. The train left Buxar Junction for Patna.

North East Express Train Accident in Bihar : At that time, this train derailed near the Raghunathpur Railway Station. After this, other trains have been stopped. It is reported that the train travels from Buxar to Ara and stops at Patna. There was no stoppage of this train at Raghunathpur Railway Station. The causes of the incident have not yet been ascertained. Railway officials have left for the scene of the incident.

Statement of Central Minister Ashwini Choubey

Central Minister Ashwini Choubey has discussed the incident at the Ragunathpur railway station in the parliamentary constituency of Buxar with senior railway officials. While describing the incident as sad, the Central Minister stated that relief work has been initiated, and local people have arrived to provide assistance. He has also instructed local party workers over the phone to reach the site and extend all possible help.

North East Express Train Accident in Bihar : Central Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey was on his way from Patna to Bhagalpur when he got information about the incident. After receiving information about the incident, he is returning from Navgachhia to Ragunathpur in Buxar.

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Central Minister Ashwini Choubey spoke with the General Manager of Hajipur Zone, DRM of Danapur Zone, and gathered information about the incident site.


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